The Battle Of Metal Vol 3


The Battle Of Metal Vol.3 will be released on June 3rd first on Bandcamp and one week later in all the usual MP3 and Streaming stores.

The following bands are on this new metal compilation:

Logical Terror feat. Threat Signal, Smash Hit Combo, Break Down A Venue, Dust In Mind, Crayven, Pandoras Tears, blindfall, Blinding Sunrise, Neverland In Ashes, No Joke, The Impulsive, Motorized Tarantula, ExcöriatoR, Summer Arctic, Marauder's Memory, Alberto Rigoni Music, Bladl mit Kraut, MoonScar, Devil-M, DJversion666, Secrecy, Sacred Groove, Samarah, Take All To Heaven, Incordia, Skelfir, Malum Innatum, Embrace of Disharmony, False Memories, Confession by Silence, Breed Machine, Rescue Rapunzel, Magor, Mortal Hatred, Thirsting For Revenge, Arcaine, Crusher, Psycodia, Elchwut, Sober Truth, Enfeeble, Struggle To Remain, 3rd Grade Burn, Veil of Deception, Once In Alaska, Abnormal End, Pandemic, Memories Of A Dead Man, Lotto Numero Nove, Baryon

You can preorder the compilation right now on our new Bandcamp and already get some tracks:


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