We are super proud to present the first band from Santiago de Chile of our roster!Welcome to the darkTunes family VIOFLESH 🖤

Emerging from the heart of Santiago de Chile at the end of 2017, VIOFLESH is a captivating modern darkwave and coldwave duo that has swiftly carved its niche in the alternative music scene. Comprising the enchanting vocalist Vio and the innovative music producer Flash, this duo blends sensuality, raw emotion, and dark atmospheres to create a soundscape that is both haunting and mesmerizing.

VIOFLESH's music is distinguished by its powerful bass lines and enveloping sounds, perfectly complemented by Vio's ethereal voice.. Each track from VIOFLESH is a journey through the shadows, offering a unique blend of synthpop and coldwave influences that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

For fans of modern darkwave and alternative pop, VIOFLESH delivers an unforgettable experience that defies convention and ignites the senses. Step into their world, where every note is a brushstroke in a dark, evocative masterpiece.

We're going to release their new single "Always" on July 19th. so keep your eyes on this fantastic duo! 👉

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