The trailblazing electro-industrial duo NEUROKLAST from Germany joined the darkTunes family, welcome 🖤

NEUROKLAST has been crafting a unique soundscape that transcends the boundaries of genre since their inception. Known for their dystopian narratives and immersive auditory experiences, NEUROKLAST has continually pushed the envelope, blending elements of dark electro, EBM, Drum'N'Bass, metal and cyberpunk into their music.

NEUROKLAST's evolution from their debut to their latest projects illustrates a band unafraid to explore and redefine the possibilities within the electronic music landscape. With each release, they have woven complex narratives with pulsating beats, enveloping listeners in dystopian worlds that resonate with our deepest fears and hopes for the future.

The first single of their new era is called "Ruina" and will be released on July 19th.🤘 👉

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