🎤Free online festival for animals protection & bands support🙏

▶ JUNE 6th. 2020 🇪🇺18:00 CET (Europe) / 🇺🇸12:00 EDT (USA) / 🇷🇺19:00 MSK (Russia)


The festival will be live on the following darkTunes channels only, make sure to subscribe/follow us here:

💥TWITCH (good quality) (after party with the DJs only on Twitch)
👉 https://www.twitch.tv/darktunes

💥YOUTUBE (good quality) (no after party here)
👉 http://www.youtube.com/user/darkTunesTV?sub_confirmation=1

💥FACEBOOK (medium quality) (no after party here)
👉 https://www.facebook.com/darkTunesMusic/
👉 Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/275987226931571

Due to the actual covid19 crisis, it’s a very hard time for everybody, for example for the artists who are not able to make live shows or to tour any more… But it’s not only hard for bands and the actors of the cultural scene, many other sectors need help like the animal protection sector… Actually animals shelters are full because too many people decided to abandon their animals, and due to the social distancing, it’s very hard for people to adopt these pets… Also, due to the financial crisis, the animal shelters which work with donations only, got less donations than usual and some of them are unfortunately not able to save new animals any more cause they are full and at the end of their ressources.

That’s why we’ve decided to use the reach of this festival for a good cause: if you can and if you want, we invite you to make donations via the Tipeeestream link below. The first half of your donation will go to the animal shelter « Tierschutzverein Heidelberg » and the second half will go to the bands you’re going to see during this festival.

👉 https://www.tipeeestream.com/darktunes/tip

During this festival, you’re going to see 14 unreleased live shows and interviews of our darkTunes gothic bands. The festival will be presented by the lovely DJane MAUS (Sherri Maus) from the world wide number 1 gothic podcast/radio Communion After Dark and Obscura Undead. After the festival there will be an after party with 8 International DJs. Warning: the afterparty will be on our Twitch channel only!

TOAL / ASHES'N'ANDROID / BLACKBOOK / Extize / Darkcell / Aevum /Dust In Mind / Auger / CattaC / SynthAttack / Omnimar / THIRD REALM / Freak Injection / Basszilla

🎧DJs (Afterparty on Twitch only) 🎧
Emanuel Pursuit (Germany) (paradox.) / DJ Paradise (USA) (Communion After Dark) / DJ Psyklon (Mexico) (Psyklon Industries) / Dj ChavakiaH (Belgium) / DJ Led Manville (Spain) / DJane Maus (USA) (Communion After Dark) / DJ Wicked Goth (USA) (Afterdark Resurrection) / Scott Durand (USA) (Dj Scott Durand - Dark Indulgence Industrial Mixshow)

DarkMerch (you can also support our bands here and buy some merch and CDs)
👉 https://www.darkmerch.com

Communion After Dark
👉 http://www.communionafterdark.com

👉 https://www.twitch.tv/paratronixtv

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