CATTAC - Nightness

💥 CATTAC are back! It's gonna be dark! 💥

The most evil cats of the darkwave & industrial scene are back with a new EP & video!

“Nightness” is multi-faceted, catchy and dark at the same time. It's all about darkness, death and dark fantasies.

The song "Dark Siren" describes a lonely siren who, lost in the depths of the ocean, waits for her great love in the form of a sinking human being. It is the sad dichotomy between the desire to put an end to all this loneliness and her longing on the one hand, and the unbroken hope that one day someone could come down to her. She is a tragic, sad figure, but one who deserves her very special admiration.

With the song "Morticians", CATTAC have for the first time a lyrically somewhat funnier song in their program, which deals with the brave job of our undertaker.

With the song "Forgive My Sins" is about a desirable encounter, which through its merciless, seductive nature forces you to confess willingly and to throw off any "old ballast".

Let's jump all together into the night, but don't forget: at night all cats are not grey, some of them are dark... very dark...

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