🔥45 metal bands on 1 compilation🔥


After starting this unique Compilation in February 2015, time has come for another Chapter! THE BATTLE OF METAL VOL.7 is finally here, again fully loaded with a big variety of Metal-Genres like Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Industrial Metal, Nu Metal, Metalcore and many more.

Again we’ve put together a massive load of Bands for you that took the challenge of representing their very own style of metal with their masterpieces. To put it straight that means: 45 Bands from all over the world compete with each other in 4 hours of pure energy and electrifying riffs that will bring your neck at the edge of exhaustment!

One more time we’ve followed our philosophy of offering a platform to those great newcomers out there, to carry their hard (and we mean hard!) peace of work out to the world. If you’re a metalhead longing for the full spectrum of heavy music, then this is exactly what you’ve been searching for! So prepare yourself for the ultimate fight of metal genres; prepare yourself for THE BATTLE OF METAL VOL.7 !

🔥Turn the volume up and enjoy the heavy tunes of the following bands: Aevum, Alex Paterna , Amore Ad Lunam , Aran Prog Project, Bastardo, Blut, BREED MACHINE, CattaC , Cernunnos , CHABTAN , Darkcell , Delirio In-Verso , DJversion666 , Dust In Mind , EISENGRIND , Extize , Fallcie , Fourth Circle , Fragile Art , Freak Injection , Guncept Revolution , HER OWN WORLD , Inspira , LOGICAL TERROR , LPD, MANDRAGORE , Mobius , MoonlightAsylum , Morgenstern Music , Nuiterra Dark-n-Roll Musique , NU-NATION , Ocean Dark , Octo Crura , Shadow Work , SICKRET , Smash Hit Combo , Stoneman , Sun descends alone , The Black Capes , The Silverblack , Thwart , Tophet , Underball, Verso, XORDIA

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