"Judgment", the fifth full-length album by industrial metallers THE SILVERBLACK, marks a substantial evolution in the band's sound, focusing more on aggression and heaviness if compared to the previous records, without forgetting the usual dose of catchy hooks and haunting melodies the band is already known for.

The pounding title track opens the album with its bone-crushing rhythm and cinematic atmospheres featuring guest vocals by none other than iconic former FEAR FACTORY singer Burton C. Bell that delivers and incredibly strong and inspired performance gifting the song with an amazing chorus. The title track is quickly followed by another two ragers: “Punishment” and “A Lifetime Ago”. Both tracks hit the listener hard balancing aggressive parts with more melodic moments, written with the clear purpose in mind of being absolute live-crushers these two songs represent exactly where the band feels comfortable being at the moment.

“Chasing Ghosts” brings back some gothic elements to the band's sound, with Infernalizer (born Claudio Ravinale, also known for being the vocalist of melodic-death metal veterans DISARMONIA MUNDI, featuring SOILWORK’s singer Speed Strid among their ranks) switching from the harsh growly vocals showcased in the previous tracks to a deep crooning voice in the vibe of TYPE O NEGATIVE and MOONSPELL.

“Chrysalis” develops into a shape-shifting industrial metal interlude before the bleak assault of “Damaged” hits the listener straight in the face with its feral vocals, cyber synths and crushing rhythm section. “Nocturne” is probably the lightest moment of the whole album featuring heavy retro-wave influences, theatrical gothic vocals and a huge chorus while “Reality Check” hits hard again with its pounding assault.

“One Last Nail” delivers the last handful of industrial metal kicks in the face supported by a more rock 'n' roll influenced groove before the forlorn melancholy of the almost-ballad “Into Null” closes what can be considered the darkest and heaviest THE SILVERBLACK album to date.

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