Dust in Mind - Never Look Back Cover

Here is the music video "Frozen Smiles", one of the hits taken from the upcoming "Never Look Back" album from our female fronted metal band from France!

Dust In Mind's debut album will be released as collector digipac and download on September 18th. You can pre order the limited CD digipac and the digital album right now! If you preorder the digital album on iTunes, you will get the song "Frozen Smiles" as instant gratification!

Get the album now on:

Dust in Mind - Never Look Back Cover

We can't wait to release the beast "Never Look Back" (09.17.2015) from our latest signing Dust In Mind. Here is a preview from our female fronted metal sensation from France!

You can already preorder the collector digipac and the album:

Clashman: Patient Zero Cover

This will surely beat you up! Clashman finally started their darkTunes-Debut with their EP "Patient Zero".

So how do they sound like? The band itself calls their style "Trancecore", which is a straightforward emulsion of Hardcore pepperd up with electronic elements.

But, you know what? You'd best listen to it yourself!

From our side, we can say: We're proud to present another awesome release, and to welcome another awesome Band!

Omnimar: I Know Cover

Here is the re-release of the first EP from 2012 of the greatest female fronted Synthpop band from Russia: Omnimar!

This EP includes an amazing Clan of Xymox song cover, and the two very first songs of the band.
darkTunes will release the complete OMNIMAR discography, each month an EP, till the release of the first album "Start" in october. So just hit the links below and let the show begin!

The Battle of Metal, Vol. 2 - Revealing the Bands!

It was a long way to chose the best 50 tracks out of the enormous number of submissions, but now we finally got them!

Here are the 50 metal Bands which will be on our new compilation:

Deus ex Vagina, Devil-M, Smash Hit Combo, Dust In Mind, Blackest Light, Ego Get Your Gun, Astrixion, Last Satanic Divine, Moonlight Asylum, SAMARAH, VAMPIRES ON TOMATO JUICE, Adligate Band, Beyond The Dust, Renegade Alley, Break Down A Venue, Incordia, Sober Truth, Extize, Elchwut, Saint Astray, Mortal Agony, InfiNight, Spawn of Damnation, An Assfull Of Love, Eugene Rodin, Evidence of Fear, Astoryas, need2destroy, Summer Arctic, WALKYRYA, Clashman, End Of Illusion, RichtWerk, What if they Fight, Broken Vein, Beverly Hells, IROCCO, Schwarze Engel, Baryon, No Joke, True Reason, Aeronautica, Generator, Naveia, Bäd Influence, NeverKnow, Sector, Renegade, First Judgement, Dr. NICK.

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