The Battle Of Metal Vol 3


After starting this unique Compilation in February 2015, time has come for another Chapter! THE BATTLE OF METAL VOL.3 is finally here, again fully loaded with a big variety of Metal-Genres like Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Industrial Metal, Nu Metal, Metalcore and many more.

Again we’ve put together a massive load of Bands for you that took the challenge of representing their very own style of metal with their masterpieces. To put it straight that means: 50 Bands from all over the world compete with each other in 4 hours of pure energy and electrifying riffs that will bring your neck at the edge of exhaustment! With LOGICAL TERROR feat. SOILWORK, SMASH HIT COMBO, DUST IN MIND, DEVIL-M, BREAK DOWN A VENUE, BREED MACHINE and many more amazing bands!

One more time we’ve followed our philosophy of offering a platform to those great newcomers out there, to carry their hard (and we mean hard!) peace of work out to the world. If you’re a metalhead longing for the full spectrum of heavy music, then this is exactly what you’ve been searching for! So prepare yourself for the ultimate fight of metal genres; prepare yourself for THE BATTLE OF METAL VOL.3 !

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Born 1000 years before it was supposed to, T3RR0R 3RR0R is a mix of future, machines and cyberspace, morphed into music. An ambient created to assimilate minds watching for destruction and perfection, where a constant attack of sounds and images, can take rid of everything until the last atom of whoever gets in front of it, its taken. T3RR0R 3RR0R is here, and its looking for you. This is the new era, prepare to be assimilated!

darkTunes is proud to let you know that we released the whole discography of the cult electro duo T3RR0R 3RR0R from Spain!

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The Battle Of Metal Vol 3


The Battle Of Metal Vol.3 will be released on June 3rd first on Bandcamp and one week later in all the usual MP3 and Streaming stores.

The following bands are on this new metal compilation:

Logical Terror feat. Threat Signal, Smash Hit Combo, Break Down A Venue, Dust In Mind, Crayven, Pandoras Tears, blindfall, Blinding Sunrise, Neverland In Ashes, No Joke, The Impulsive, Motorized Tarantula, ExcöriatoR, Summer Arctic, Marauder's Memory, Alberto Rigoni Music, Bladl mit Kraut, MoonScar, Devil-M, DJversion666, Secrecy, Sacred Groove, Samarah, Take All To Heaven, Incordia, Skelfir, Malum Innatum, Embrace of Disharmony, False Memories, Confession by Silence, Breed Machine, Rescue Rapunzel, Magor, Mortal Hatred, Thirsting For Revenge, Arcaine, Crusher, Psycodia, Elchwut, Sober Truth, Enfeeble, Struggle To Remain, 3rd Grade Burn, Veil of Deception, Once In Alaska, Abnormal End, Pandemic, Memories Of A Dead Man, Lotto Numero Nove, Baryon

You can preorder the compilation right now on our new Bandcamp and already get some tracks:


Logical Terror

The new music video from the modern metaler from Italy is out now!

LOGICAL TERROR release 10.000 FALLS, taken from the actual (high rated) album ASHES OF FATE (incl. featurings with SOILWORK and THREAT SIGNAL).

So if you like metalcore, nu metal and modern metal, you should listen to it ;-)

Reviews: Magazine: 7/10 Points, Legacy Magazine: 10/12 Points, Twilight Magazine: 12/15 Points, Your Dead Partner Magazine: 9/10 Points

You can get the new album as digipack or download right now on:


Schwarzer Engel - Götterfunken

The new EP from the epic Gothic - Metal / Neue Deutsche Härte band Schwarzer Engel is out now!

With his Symphony No. 9 to „Freude schöner Götterfunken“ Ludwig von Beethoven created one of his most famous masterpieces. Almost two centuries later, the german dark-metal-band SCHWARZER ENGEL melodizes the symphony again in their unique style. Using melodical metal-guitars and their unique vocals plus medieval-sounding tunes, this piece is truly a pleasure to fans of dark and atmospheric music. While the classy piano-interpretations are contributed by El Friede (OOMPH!), the artwork comes from Season Zero (ASP, L'Âme Immortelle, Sunrise Avenue).

Besides the title-track and the two piano-interpretations, the EP also contains a track called „EinMensch“, which is an exciting preview of the upcoming album „Imperium II – Titania“. Never before the sound of the band has been as euphoric as on „Götterfunken“. Even if it was the last great opus of Beethoven, one will truly wish that it might not be the last one of SCHWARZER ENGEL. The EP will only be available in a limited edition, so the joy will only be for the fast ones.

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