Here comes the intersection of industrial genres, here comes CHEMICAL SWEET KID! That the chemistry of the three gloomy musicians from Metz is right is not a mere catchword, but the result of the synthesis of different genres of the industrial sector. The French musicians join the ranks somewhere between MARILYN MANSON, CHRISTIAN DEATH, COMBICHRIST and ROB ZOMBIE, blurring the boundaries between hard industrial riffs and electronic elements.

After their debut album "Tears of Pain" in 2011 and "Broken Wings" a year later and “The Speed Of Time” in 2015, CHEMICAL SWEET KID are now returning more powerful and energetic than ever before. With "Addicted to Addiction", the three musicians from France have created a masterpiece that leaves nothing to be desired. The three Industrial-Rockers tirelessly fueling their their fans with extatic riffs and the voice of the frontman Julien Kidam heats up every party to the boiling point.

Those who have watched in the chemistry class will be aware that "Addicted to Addiction" is not to be missed in a good CD shelf!

DUST IN MIND - Oblivion

"The memories are deleted, all those that had created, were swept into the void, don’t leave me alone in the storm!"

We are very proud to present you the newfull audio video "Too Far" of DUST IN MIND. This song is taken from their new album "Oblivion" which is OUT NOW!

You can get the limited digipak (with its wonderful booklet) or the digital version right here:


Dear Nu metal fans, be ready for the new Smash Hit Combo double album "L33T" which will be released on May 26th... It will be brutal, it will be full of punchlines in your faces and it will be international!

For the first time of the band history, SMASH HIT COMBO will release a double album with a very special concept: same instrumentals but different singers and different languages!

- CD 1 will be in English, featuring the incredible US rapper and Youtuber None Like Joshua!

- CD 2 will be in French, as usual...

darkTunes invites you to discover this new chapter of France's best nu metal/rapcore band! Be ready for 24 new tracks and for mind blowing new music videos... Have fun with the new music video "RPG"

You can preorder the new SMASH HIT COMBO album right here:

BASSZILLA - Evil Nuns Crashed My Party!

From the dephts of the electro-swamps the monster arises another time: BASSZILLA is awakened once again!

The king of monsters is stomping relentlessly across the dancefloors of Complextro, Prog House and Hard-Electro events and presents itself darker and more grimly than ever before. Since the monstrous music-project has charged the clubs for the first time in 2014 and after two releases and some memorable DJ Sets, like the one with WESTBAM among others, it seemed that a treacherous silence has come. But like in every good monster-story it also applies to BASSZILLA: The evil does never sleep! And so it is clear that also this time the bass-monster awakes to life again and causes an electro-quake extraordinaire with his new EP “Evil nuns crashed my Party”.

Five brand new tracks are shaking the dancefloors to the very foundation and bring the party-crowd to dance like mad! Again BASSZILLA provides us with monstrously good temper and easily manages it to promote the evolution of his own style without losing his unique sound.

Nobody can escape the bass-beast and whoever loves electronic sounds will surely not be able to elude from the deep rumble and screams of BASSZILLA on his new EP “Evil Nuns crashed my Party”!

THE BLACK CAPES - All These Monsters

Dear fans of gothic rock, something big is coming...

The lamentations about the fading glorious times of gothic culture has come to an end because when THE BLACK CAPES enter the stage, a whole dark world shines in new splendor. Where great icons such as TYPE O NEGATIVE, THE 69 EYES or THE SISTERS OF MERCY have been unchallenged in the gothic Olympus, finally there is a worthy successor from Athens.

We are extremely proud to announce you that we will release the debut album of this unbelievable band from Greece: THE BLACK CAPES !

With their debut album "All these Monsters" the Athenians impressively prove that they understand like no other, what has always been the spirit of the past. Effortlessly they combine this understatement with the modern sound of our time, creating a masterpiece of hard, gloomy riffs and Singing full of tension, feeling and roughness.

You can preorder "All These Monsters" right now as CD or download and if you preorder the download version on amazon or bandcamp, you will get the single "Now Rise" as instant gratification track:

PS: The single "Now Rise" is available on all streaming websites like Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music right now ;-)

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