TOAL - Fear

Step into the realm of musical evolution with TOAL's latest single, "Fear." Building on their distinctive style, TOAL explores dark synth soundscapes and deeply moving lyrics that delve into the power of connection.

Luzi Lacole's captivating vocals lead the way, igniting emotions and transforming darkness into light. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of enduring friendship and support, guiding you through life's challenges.

Embrace the enigmatic, let the music touch your soul and experience the magic of connection like never before.



Prepare to have your musical world turned upside down as the renowned drum & bass metal artist, ZARDONIC, takes MORGENSTERN's "Schockmaschine" on a heart-pounding journey, like if robotic surrogates of RAMMSTEIN where boosted with biomechanical steroids!

In this electrifying reimagining, ZARDONIC injects the track with the relentless energy and intensity that fans have come to expect. This new version of « Schockmaschine » is a sonic explosion that merges the worlds of drum & bass and industrial metal, creating a fusion of sound like no other.

ZARDONIC's signature style, known worldwide, pushes the boundaries of electronic music. With his unmistakable touch, he transforms "Schockmaschine" into a high-octane, adrenaline-pumping experience. The heavy riffs, martial German vocals, and spine-tingling melodies of the original track are taken to new heights. Prepare to be swept away by thunderous basslines, intricate drum patterns, and an atmosphere that will leave you breathless!



MORGENSTERN, the industrial metal heartbeat from Switzerland, unleashes "ZEITGEIST", an album forged in the fires: hard guitar riffs, industrial electronica, heavy basslines, pounding drums, all coated in a layer of German vocals that will make you feel like you've joined the coolest underground secret society. Step into the realm where steel and sound converge.

But wait, there's more! Beneath the surface, "ZEITGEIST" tackles the depth of human experience, diving headfirst into profound topics that'll make your brain do somersaults while you headbang. It's like a rollercoaster for your synapses, powered by raw adrenaline and lyrical substance. So, buckle up for a ride that'll rock your senses and provoke your contemplative side. Dive into the relentless rhythm of MORGENSTERN's Neue Schweize Härte, where heavy meets heady in a harmonious collision.

Are you ready to embrace the Swiss metal machine?



How much of yourself are you willing to deny? What are you willing to sacrifice?

"Test of Faith" is a journey through the paradoxes of existence, a quest for authenticity in a world of conformity. With its very own industrial EBM sound, it's not just music; it's a call to self-discovery, a challenge to confront your inner conflicts and a invitation to explore the depths of your soul. In his latest single, CIRCUIT PREACHER explores the depths of faith, sacrifice, and self-discovery. With raw honesty, the lyrics dive into the struggle of knowing what the world would prefer you to be, but choosing authenticity.

The real "Test of Faith" is learning how to be true to yourself, for your own sanity.

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Dear darklings, we're super proud to present our first label festival: DARK FEST - Monsters Of Electro Vol.1 💥

Harsh beats, fat basslines, powerful synthesizers and dark melodies await you on April 20th. 2024 in Bochum (Germany). The Matrix (Rockpalast) will be haunted by an eerie presence as the legendary Gothic & Metal music label darkTunes Music Group hosts its first music festival there.

Four monsters of the Electro genres will perform live and unleash their furious sounds for an excessive party atmosphere. These live acts will get you dancing: EXTIZE (Electro Industrial Crossover), SYNTHATTACK (Dark Electro, Aggrotech), DEAD LIGHTS (Glam EBM), and ANTIBODY (Industrial Power-Noise).

Darkness comes to life, and you'll be captivated. But the night doesn't end with the concerts! Party until dawn at the after-party with DJs RAPHA HELL (EXTIZE/BASSZILLA/DARKTUNES), MIKE K. (EOD/MATRIX), DANCEFLOOR GLADIATORZ, and DJ BARUS (EXTIZE/SUPER SCHWARZES MANNHEIM).

Are you ready for an unforgettable journey into the world of Electro? Get your tickets now and be a part of DARK FEST: Monsters Of Electro Vol.1 - Where darkness becomes music!


 ⭐ DATE 👉 April 20th. 2024 - 19pm

 ⭐ VENUE 👉 Matrix Bochum (Rockpalast), Hauptstr. 200, Bochum, Germany 👉

 ⭐ EVENT 👉




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